La Boca

Buenos Aires is encircled by many barrios (suburbs). The best known of these is La Boca, which is south of Microcentro. When this neighbourhood was being developed, most of the houses were built by the local workers on the docks, many of whom were of Italian descent.
The most famous street in the area, thanks mainly to the numerous brightly coloured houses which line it, is Calle Caminito. There is always a buzz around this street, with street performers and tango dancers congregating daily to entertain passer-bys.

Trhee museums in La Boca which attract tourists just as much as the multi-coloured houses are Calle Museo Caminito, Fundación Proa and Museo de Bellas Artes Quinquela Martín. The first is an outdoor museum on Calle Caminito, while the others is dedicated to the fine and modern arts.

Having seen some tango dancing in one of the many bars dedicated to the Argentine dance, you may want to have a go at the dance yourself! You can book lessons with highly quailified teachers who do their best to make you an expert in one evening! Once booking yourself on to classes, you are picked up from your accommodation at 8pm and brought to a tango class where you can learn the basic moves and get a feel for the dance. Once the class is finished, also included is evening dinner.

Rca. de la Boca Caminito-La-Boca


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